Healthy Gums Equals Healthy Teeth

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Gum health is essential for good teeth and overall mouth health. Plaque and bacteria left to fester on the gums will eventually cause periodontal disease (gum disease). This can result in tooth loss, and a variety of other health problems. So keeping healthy gums is a necessity for overall health of mouth.

Signs of Gum Disease

There are several symptoms of periodontal disease. Most of these symptoms are obvious, and should be treated immediately. If you experience any of the symptoms listed below, contact your dentist for treatment, and for advice on forming better dental hygiene habits.

  • Bleeding gums – This can happen while eating, flossing, or brushing, and can be accompanied by mild discomfort. Pregnant women have a tendency to have gums that bleed easier than usual, and isn’t always a result of gum disease.
  • Red, swollen or painful gums – Pain and swelling can sometimes indicate infection. Infected gums can lead to tooth decay and loss.
  • Persistent bad breath – Excessive amounts of bacteria and infection between the teeth can cause persistent bad breath that is difficult to get rid of. Bacteria can also accumulate on the tongue. Neglecting your tongue while brushing is a big cause of bad breath.
  • Receding gums – This symptom can be very alarming, and is a strong indicator for gum disease. Your gums begin to shrink and recede, making it appear as if your teeth are growing longer. This is the result of gum tissue wearing away from neglect. If this condition goes untreated, it can almost be guaranteed that tooth loss and infections will occur.
  • Loose or separating teeth – If you notice the spaces in between your teeth growing, you should contact your dentist promptly. Loose teeth are able to move around, which causes the spacing. Like receding gums, loose teeth are caused by the gum tissue wearing away.

Any of these symptoms should be addressed immediately to avoid further damage or tooth loss. Daily brushing and flossing will fix most minor cases of gum disease, but to be safe, It’s better to contact your local dentist for thorough evaluation and proper treatment. For more information, contact Mintalar Dental at 763-561-6320.

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Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Do you brush and floss your teeth often to get rid of the sugars and food particles that combine with bacteria to create plaque? You might think that brushing and flossing are all that you can do to achieve healthier teeth. Plaque on the teeth produces an acid that eats away at tooth enamel causing cavities and other oral healthysnackshealth issues. If you really want to fight against plaque and want healthy teeth, it might be time to change your diet. Adding specific foods to your diet can be a great way to achieve healthier teeth. Along with brushing and flossing, changing the foods you consume can make a huge difference in your smile.

These are the healthy snacks that a Minneapolis Dentist would recommend that you add to your diet:  Continue reading

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Daily Tips for Good Oral Hygiene for Kids

Properly Care for Teeth and Gums

Habits for good oral hygiene start early. Teaching your child to care for their teeth while they are young will help them avoid dental problems throughout their lifetime. Sometimes getting your child to want to care for their teeth can be a challenge, so try making it fun. Here are some daily tips, and fun tricks you can use to teach your children how to properly care for their teeth and gums. Continue reading

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Smiles increase your success

Better SmileWe all want to be successful. Promising careers, fulfilling relationships, and a well-rounded lifestyle are means by which we measure success. You can have this and more by doing one simple thing: smiling. Recent studies show that people with healthy, white smiles are more prosperous, more attractive, and seen as more trustworthy and professional.

A white smile greatly impacts the way people think of you. In cases where creating a good first impression is important, you can’t underestimate the power of a healthy, bright smile.

What can a whiter smile do for you?

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