Getting to the Bottom of a Root Canal

Caring for our teeth requires attention to the details. The whitest of smiles can experience a cavity or a chipped tooth. If we do not visit the dentist regularly, these small infractions can lead our pearly whites to become infected. If you delay for too long, the infection can spread and cause long term irreversible damage to the bones in your jaw that surround your tooth.

The New Root Canal

You may be experiencing severe pain from your infected or inflamed tooth. Headaches and near debilitating effects may cause you difficulty in eating, sleeping, and concentrating. When the dentist suggests a Root Canal, this may make you feel nervous or tense. Root Canal Treatments have a daunting reputation, however with modern advancements they have become a routine gentle process.

The benefits of a Root Canal Treatment include:

  • Pain elimination – A Root Canal will eliminate the pain you are experiencing
  • Save your natural tooth – The procedure of a Root canal will save your tooth, lowering your risk for further dental issues
  • Appearance – Choosing a root canal over getting the tooth pulled will prevent gaps that will cause your teeth to shift while allowing you to smile with confidence.
  • Quick and easy – The root canal treatment process is quick with an easy recovery

What happens during a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment takes an average of 60+ minutes. The process is simple and is comprised of the following steps:

  • The Doctor will numb the area with a local anesthetic and gain access to the pulp of the inflamed tooth.
  • They will gently remove the pulp (the tissue within the tooth) and swiftly cleanse the inside of the tooth.
  • A temporary filling is often used to allow the tooth to adjust before placing a permanent filling at your next follow up visit.
  • You may be provided a prescription for a pain reliever and an antibiotic to prevent infection
  • A soft food diet will be recommended for a day or two

You may feel some tenderness as the numbing wears off that will be welcome in comparison to the pain you experienced prior to your appointment. This is a miraculous procedure that saves your tooth while eliminating the infection and further complications. You can listen to your playlist or your favorite book through a pair of headphones during the entire procedure. At the end of your visit, you will have a new perspective on going to see the dentist and will be glad to schedule your next appointment.

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