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Mintalar Family Dental Smile Gallery

At Mintalar Dental, our patients really have something to smile about. With the help of braces and cosmetic procedures such as crowns, bridges and veneers, our patients now have the smiles they have always wanted. Dr Eric Mintalar prides himself in restoring smiles to all patients of all ages. With advances in cosmetic dentistry, men, women and children are able to have that “million dollar smile” in no time at all. Dr. Eric Mintalar is a family dentist providing general dental services, such as: implants, crowns, bridges, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry to Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center, Golden Valley, Crystal, and Brooklyn Park, MN.

Below please see before & after pictures of some of our patients

Amanda before and after braces

Amanda's smile before braces and her fantastic smile after braces!

Before/After Photo of Conventional Porcelain

Porcelain all-ceramic crowns are an option for restoring a natural smile. This is a before and after photo of a conventional porcelain fused to metal crowns and replacement all porcelain with no metal crowns. Can you tell which teeth were restored and notice the difference in the smile?

Rachel Braces Before and After

Rachel had a combination of orthodontics and cosmetic restorative procedures to enhance her already beautiful smile. Her entire case took 12 months to complete

Kirk Braces Before and After

Kirk presented us with an esthetic challenge of restoring his smile. A combination of composite restorations, root canal therapy and a commitment for better oral health was agreed upon and the results of 4 hours of dental work and his smile was restored. The before and after appearance of a happy and smiling patient.

Diem Braces Before and After

Diem decided to have Orthodontics to straighten her severely rotated central incisor.

John Braces Before and After

John visited us to have a porcelain bridge placed in his mouth. Here are before and after pictures of John's procedure.

Brandi's Braces Before and After

Brandi's smile looks fantastic after finishing her Orthodontic treatment!

Rebecca's braces before and after

Rebecca was thrilled with her new smile after her braces were removed!

Isiah's Braces Before and After

Early orthodontic treatment is such an important feature of correcting early malocclusion cases in your childs teeth - a thumb/digit sucking habit was overcome by using an orthodontic appliance to discourage the damaging effects of the habit. Isiah's appliance therapy to correct his digit habit and close his open bite took 12 months to complete.

Early Orthodontics

Early orthodontic treatment is essential in developing smiles ~ Renee's case took 24 months to complete using expansion appliances and segmental orthodontic wires.

Children braces treatments child's teeth before braces child's teeth before braces top braces on a child. patients braces child patient's braces braces before Beautiful Smile after Treatment

Cosmetic Braces

Jennifer begins with cosmetic braces before and ends in a beautiful smile after

cosmetic braces before    cosmetic braces after

profile - cosmetic bracesfront - cosmetic bracesbraces other side

Braces Removal Procedure

1. Retained Baby Cuspid Tooth
1. Retained baby cuspid tooth
2. Bonding the Permanent Cuspid
2. Bonding the permanent cuspid
3. Elastic Brings the Cuspid Down
3. Elastic brings the cuspid down
4. Finally in the Upper Arch
4. Finally in the upper arch

5. Stablizing the Cuspid
5. Stablizing the cuspid
   6. Removing Braces
6. Finally done!
   Beautiful Smile After Removing Braces
7. Cathy is our happy patient
after removing her braces

Composite restorations that restore Smiles. The Befores and the Afters

composite restoration before
composite restoration after

composite restoration before
composite restoration after

composite restoration before and after
composite restoration after

composite restoration before
composite restoration after

More of our happy patients

a family of happy patients
We love seeing Ryan, Payton and Jody at the office!
Dr. Mintalar and Paige!
We love seeing Paige at the office

Mikayla after her braces!
A beautiful finish for Mikayla after her orthodontic treatment
Courtney after her braces!
Courtney flashes her dazzling smile after getting her braces off

April, tim and Matthew - our patients
April, Tim and Matthew visiting us for their routine dental checkup
Matt and his kids visiting for their checkups
Matt and his kids visiting us for their check ups

Guitar's before braces
Guitar's after braces
Guitar's beautiful smile transformation after her orthodontic treatment

Gennie before braces
Jenny after braces
Gennie and her smile after braces

Dr. Mintalar AKA Superman in his Halloween costume

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